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Matric Dance Dress shopping? This is surely one of the most important dresses in your life!

Your Matric Dance dress is one of the most glamorous, exciting and important dresses that you will ever have to shop for.

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It is exciting to walk into a specialised dress boutique and try on a huge range of Matric Dance Dresses in different styles, colours and fabrics - in your size. Your unique shape and own style is very important!

Matric Dance

This is a memory-making special occasion!

Choosing the perfect dress is essential to your memory-making moments of this special night. We, at Divas by Design, take great pride in giving you the best possible personalized service and advice, to help you find your ultimate dress that has real "Star Style".

This is why our young ladies steal the show!

We love young ladies to look drop-dead gorgeous in one of our dresses - we also want you to turn heads and steal the show at their Matric Dance.

Our Matric Dance dresses are all imported, beautifully made from the most wonderful fabrics and all of our dresses have exquisite attention to detail. We endeavor to stock only one of each dress in order to keep our stock as exclusive as possible. We also keep a strict record of who buys what dress for which Matric dance. 

Find your perfect dress.

Every young lady strives to find the best and most perfect Matric Dance dress, which is why we assist you to create the total look for your important night, with a winning combination of colour, style and fit. Ultimately, we want you to feel amazing about how you look in your selected Matric dance dress. After all, it is your big night to shine and to have the confidence to just relax and have über fun!


Accessories to complement your dress

Matric dance dress

We have a wonderful range of evening bags and sassy jewellery for sale to complement your stunning dress. Our exclusive dress collections feature the latest Red Carpet looks, straight from the runway.

Every customer is uniquely important to us and we believe that if you look and feel your best in your dance dress, that you will be a wonderful reflection and image for the Divas by Design brand.

We appreciate being sent your special photos for our gallery.

Finally, after all the hard work of searching for the perfect Matric Dance dress : Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!



Considering having a dress made up? Beware!

Virtually every week we are phoned by girls in an absolute panic.

Why - you may ask???

Because the Matric dress they have had made (very often by well known local designers or dress makers) has ended up an absolute disaster.

Such a waste of money which could rather have been spent on a dress for the all important Matric after-party or towards the cost of the limo!

Having a huge range of Matric dance dresses to make a selection from and try on takes all the guesswork out of having a dress made. Why take the risk of it ending up not looking at all like you expected. 

There is nothing more unattractive than having your important Matric Dance Dress looking "homemade", where seams are not stitched properly, sewn crooked or the fabic is puckered because the proportions were incorrectly cut.

Remember, dresses worn by stick-thin celeb or models in "photo-shopped" images look totally different on someone else in real life.

Why take the risk?


Matric dance dressesMatric dance dressesMatric dance dressMatric dance dresses

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Play the above video to view a photoshoot of some of our matric dance dresses. Look carefully and you will see the Manhattan skyline of New York in the background!


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