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Evening Wear

What comes to mind when the invitation arrives and the dress code is "Evening Wear?



Firstly you might see it as an opportunity to haul out all the glitz and glam that’s in your wardrobe. 


Secondly you might want to rush off to the shops and see it as an opportunity to splash out on something new.


Thirdly you get filled with dread as you hate to dress up.


You want to dress appropriately.

Whatever your initial response it would be wise to take a little time out to find out exactly what is meant . There is nothing worse than getting all dolled up in your finest evening wear only to discover it was more smart casual and you are way overdressed. On the other hand it is just as bad to be underdressed and everybody else around you is decked out in their special evening wear and here you are in your jeans and smart top.
Evening Wear
Investigate Further
I would suggest that if the invitation doesn’t specify what sort of evening wear you are expected to wear that you investigate a little further. If the invite says black tie for example then you know this means a long evening gown and you can really go to town with an extravagant dress and all the accessories . Smart casual would certainly not require a long dress and it would be suitable to wear slacks or smart jeans with a smart top. Cocktail wear as a dress code requires evening wear to be short dresses rather than long evening gowns. Galas or balls require evening wear to be very smart and ball gowns would be the most appropriate. These would usually be strapless dresses with many many petticoats or layers of tulle and netting that make the dress stand up by itself as it were. This would be appropriate wear when white tie events are stipulated. This sort of event requires that the evening wear needs to very smart and glitz and glam would be the order of the day. Pretty evening bags with sequins and beading would be in order. Hair accessories that complement your evening wear can glam up your attire too.

So do your homework and if necessary check with your host or hostess what sort of attire is required if it hasn’t been spelt out. Alternatively look at the venue, a very smart venue will more than likely require smarter evening wear than the local pub. Your choice of evening wear is therefore very important and its worth taking the time to ensure that you are appropriately dressed. We make a statement with our attire and your choice of evening wear also says a lot about you. Let your evening wear say what you want it to say about you and most importantly, enjoy your event!

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